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EasyBnB is a veteran-owned, full-service vacation rental property management company that serves homeowners who currently list or would like to list their space on one of the many short-term rental platforms including Airbnb and VRBO. EasyBnB is here to provide you with the meticulous management services required of short-term rental properties. Our all-encompassing approach to short-term rental management ensures your rental income is maximized, while keeping operating expenses to a minimum. 

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Owning and managing a short-term rental can be extremely time-consuming and stressful. Here at EasyBnB, our goal is to relieve that stress and give you back your time while maximizing your rental income. We will take care of everything; you just sit back, relax, and collect! To see a full list of our services, click here.

Our price

Our standard fee for service is a percentage of the rental income of your vacation rental. We tailor our services to the amount of help you need. We offer discounts for military and clients who list multiple properties with us. As an EasyBnB client, you will have access to tradesmen, cleaning services, and maintenance personnel who provide the highest quality work for the best possible price.

Our benefits

Problem solvers

Our founder, Maxwell Weiss, is a Green Berets in the U.S. Army Special Forces. As a Green Beret, he specializes in finding creative solutions to any problem. The broad mission set requires Green Berets to adapt to and overcome a myriad of difficult and unique problems. There is no problem we will not be able to handle. You and your property will be in very capable hands.


Fast communication between host and guest is crucial when running a short-term rental. EasyBnB prides itself on quick responses to guest inquiries which will set your listing apart from others and get you the reviews that you want. Additionally, EasyBnB clients will have access to excellent customer service so we can attend to your every need and put your mind at ease.


Prior to the formation of EasyBnB, Maxwell's experience included the construction, marketing, and asset management of over $5 million worth of Colorado real estate. This depth of knowledge, combined with 6 years of real estate experience and 11 years in Special Operations, has honed his attention to detail helping to mitigate risk and unwanted stress for EasyBnB's clients.

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Our Services

Tenant Requests

Tenant Requests

With six years of handling tenant requests for his own properties, Max knows what residents expect and what owners deserve. He maintains satisfied guests by ensuring all requests are handled the same day by the EasyBnB team or our extensive vendor network, which saves our clients time and money. All requests are handled directly by EasyBnB, ensuring a hands-off, hassle-free experience for our clients.

Guest Interaction

Guest Interaction

EasyBnB handles all interaction with guests from the time they book their stay to the time they check out. We pride ourselves on the speed and accuracy of our responses which keep your guests satisfied and your ratings high!

Repair and Maintenance Issues

Repair and Maintenance Issues

Repairs and maintenance on our clients’ properties are addressed immediately to ensure small problems do not become big problems. Our extensive network of reliable and insured vendors guarantees that our clients receive the level of care they know and expect from EasyBnB.

Renovation Management

Renovation Management

Home Furnishing

Home Furnishing

Are you moving and taking all of your furnishings with you? Have you purchased a new investment property and are unsure of the right finishes that fit the short-term rental space? As experts in the short-term rental space, EasyBnB’s design team can guide its clients to the right finishes within a budget to maximize rentability and revenue.

Property Inspections

Property Inspections

EasyBnB’s cleaning team is trained to conduct inspections to spot common issues at every turnover and bring them to management’s attention immediately. EasyBnB maintains an individualized inspection and maintenance schedule that is tailored to each client’s property, which guarantees that the space is kept in top condition to minimize future expenses and stress.

Colorado Springs Area Listings



The EasyBnB team currently manages over $9 million worth of real estate in Colorado Springs, Breckenridge and Pennsylvania. In addition, the Team also has extensive experience in:

  • all facets of new construction
  • construction management
  • marketing
  • property acquisition
  • real estate sales
  • staging and design


EasyBnB is designed to aid anyone looking to maximize their passive income stream through real estate without having to oversee the daily operation of their investment.

Yes! EasyBnB has extensive experience in the Breckenridge market and is actively expanding into Colorado’s most beautiful and active mountain towns, including Crested Butte, Ouray, Telluride, Aspen and Vail. They are building  strategic partnerships in these communities to meet all of their client’s real estate management needs.

  1. EasyBnB works tirelessly to maximize your property’s income and limit downtime, but we cannot guarantee a monthly income for your short-term rental. However, EasyBnB believes in the strong Colorado market and boasts a 90%+ occupancy rate over the last 6-years.
  2. For clients interested in a guaranteed income stream, EasyBnB will rent your home for the monthly market rate, with comparables provided. This is done with the agreement that EasyBnB will be authorized to utilize the property as a short-term rental. You gain a tenant that doubles as a management company for the property, saving you long-term property management fees and giving you guaranteed income.
  1. EasyBnB seeks to provide as much of a hands-off experience as possible. To accomplish this, expenses under $25 dollars (Light bulbs, filters, etc…) will be purchased by EasyBnB and added to the monthly statement. Expenses over $25 will require the authorization of the client.
  2. Emergency situations will be managed by EasyBnB and their on call sub-contractors in an effort to save the client as much money as possible.

While this is an extremely rare occurrence in the short-term rental space, there is never zero risk. AirBnB insures your home against tenant damage up to $1 million. EasyBnB will handle the administrative functions of the claim with AirBnB and management of all sub-contractors to ensure the issue is returned to a brand new condition.

A contract will be signed between the client and EasyBnB to ensure the proper exchange of monies, however there is no commitment for the client to keep EasyBnB as a management company for a given length of time.